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Has your cat just given birth to a litter of kittens? Or did you find one on the street and wonder if you should take it home? It is important for a kitten to spend its first few weeks with its mother. Unfortunately, many cat breeders unknowingly sell their kittens up for adoption too soon.

Kittens need the first 12 weeks of their mother's life or they may develop behavioral and/or health problems.

This article is about the early stages of a cat's life, its development, and what to do when you have a newborn kitten.

When can kittens leave their mother? Weaned Kitten Schedule - LearnAboutCat (1)

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1When can kittens leave their mother? kitten weaning time

1,10-4 weeks

1.24-8 weeks

1.38-12 weeks

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2What happens when a kitten is separated from its mother too soon? Why is it important that kittens stay with their mother?

2.22. time

2.33. weak immune system

2.44. fit issues

3How long should a kitten stay with its mother?

4What to do if your kitten was separated from its mother too soon?

4.1 When your kitten is between 0 and 4 weeks old

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4.2 If you have a kitten from 4 to 8 weeks

4.3 Train your new pet

4.4 Develop social skills

5Frequently asked questions

6The bottom line on when kittens can leave their mother

When can kittens leave their mother? kitten weaning time

Kittens should not be adopted before 12 weeks of age.because they need those first weeks with their mother. During this period, the kittens are dependent on their mother. The following are the developmental stages of a kitten:

0-4 weeks

This is known as thekitten neonatal stage.At this point in his development, his survival depends entirely on his mother.. Newborn kittens cannot open their eyes in the first week of life. They need their mother to keep them warm as they cannot regulate their body temperature. They also feed exclusively on mother's milk and need to be fed every two hours. They need help with this.defecation and urination, then her mother licks her genitals to encourage her to poop and pee. The mother also brushes them constantly, as this is the stage of life when the kittens are most susceptible to disease.

Kittens begin teething in the second half of the first month of life. It's a good idea to buy teething toys, as teeth that come out of the gums can cause pain and discomfort.

4-8 weeks

During the second month of life kittens are more energetic and curious. They depend less on their mother for survival and more for learning basic life skills. This is also when they are weaned from their mother and start eating solid food. your mother will teach youhow to use the litter box, for which it is necessary to arrange a shallow container with a low entrance.

They are trained to hunt, which, while not necessary for domestic cats, is still an integral part of their primitive nature. The mother hisses or growls at things they shouldn't eat and teaches them how to do it.Stay away from inedible and potentially dangerous items.. Finally, the mother teaches them to communicate, as cats are dominant creatures, so this skill is vital for them to progress into adulthood.

8-12 weeks

in this stadium, cat breeders think it's okay to give away or sell a kitten. Kittens at this age are able to feed, groom, use the litter box, and are generally very playful and energetic.However, an extra month with the mother is vital for her to have a healthier and more balanced life.

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What happens when a kitten is separated from its mother too soon? Why is it important that kittens stay with their mother?

When can kittens leave their mother? Weaned Kitten Schedule - LearnAboutCat (2)

When oneKitten is separated from its mother too soon, makes them prone to diseases like thisBreast milk helps them develop a robust immune system. It also changes the way they see the world, leading them to develop behavioral problems such as:


Cats have a primitive and wild nature. They developed timid behavior as a result of domestication, during which they learned not to hurt their owners or other pets with their claws or teeth. This altered behavior is taught to the kittens by their mother.While playing together, the kittens learn to play without hurting each other.Without this training, they simply did not receive this care. Hissing and banging are normal because they perceive their new environment as dangerous.

2. Anguish

When kittens are young, they explore the world around them and know that their mother protects them. It gives them a feeling of confidence. They observe the way their mother interacts with people and record that their owner is safe.Without this crucial time with mom, your cat may develop a sense of constant fear and anxiety.. New people will easily fear you and it will take you longer to adjust to a new environment. It may not even heat up quickly. Your pet needs more patience and time to adjust to you and realize that you are not going to harm him.

3.weak immune system

Kittens need their mother's milk for optimal growth and development.Those who don't get enough breast milk have underdeveloped immune systems. This makes them more likely to frequentInfections and growth reduction.. It can also cause them to develop structural diseases like arthritis later in life.

4.fit issues

Kittens separated from their mothers prematurely may have problems with feline-related behaviors. They watch their mothers and learn from them how to use the litter box. You're also learning grooming from mom, so both of you are affected and your new pet may have trouble doing it.

How long should a kitten stay with its mother?

When can kittens leave their mother? Weaned Kitten Schedule - LearnAboutCat (3)

It is well known that a kitten can be separated from its mother at the age of 8 weeks. However, this is far from the truth.Kittens spend the first three months of their lives with their mother, which is 12 weeks.completes themhealthy cats.

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What to do if your kitten was separated from its mother at an early age

If you have found an abandoned kitten, fear not. While the task may seem daunting, with a little patience and a lot of care, you can give this little creature a chance at life.Depending on the kitten's age, the amount of brushing you need to do will vary.

When can kittens leave their mother? Weaned Kitten Schedule - LearnAboutCat (4)

When your kitten is between 0 and 4 weeks old

When your kitten is between 0 and 4 weeks old, she needs you for everything. You should get a kitten milk replacer, make sure it is warm to the touch, and feed your pet every two hours, even overnight. After each feeding, use a tissue or cotton ball and gently rub his genitals to help him urinate and have a bowel movement.

  • Be sure to keep it warm as kittens cannot maintain their body temperature.. You will need towels, a shoe box, and a hot water bottle or heating pad. Kittens of this age only wake up to eat, urinate, and defecate; The rest of the time they sleep. If you get past that stage, give yourself a pat on the back. This step is the one that requires the most effort and care.

If you have a kitten from 4 to 8 weeks

If you have a 4-8 week old kitten, you should do this.Switch to solid foods. Begin withCanned wet food mixed with Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) because dry food is too hard for baby teeth.Reduce the amount of KMR when they get used to canned food. At 6 weeks you can changesoft dry cat foodto eventually get them to eat dry food.

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Litter Train your new pet

You have to lose your new pet. It can start as early as three weeks, when you can see your pet defecate on its own, without stimulation. Set up a litter box with short walls or cut the bottom of a box during sand training.Purchase unscented paper litter, as kittens put everything in their mouths.You can stimulate your kitten in the litter box. As soon as he pees or poops in the sandbox, he will associate itsmell of urinewith your place to pee. Keep the box close by, no more than 10 feet away from your kitty, so she can easily find it.

Develop social skills

You need to play with your kitty often to develop social skills. That toodevelop abond between you and your pet. Take your kitty out into the garden to explore new things and develop her hunting instincts.

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frequent questions

Yes, kittens can live with their mother in the same house until they are adults. However, don't count on her always being motherly. The kitten will become an independent cat once he is fully weaned. At that time, his mother will gradually stop providing maternal care.

The ideal age to adopt a kitten is 12 weeks. Before that age, kittens need their mother.

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The bottom line on when kittens can leave their mother

Kittens should not be separated from their mothers before 12 weeks of age. They have plenty of time to develop into strong, self-confident, independent cats who know exactly how to use the litter box, groom themselves, play, and hunt. In addition, they have improved their human-animal interaction skills.

If you found or adopted an orphaned kitten before it's ready. You need to give him a little more love and attention, but with enough effort, you can give him the same amount of attention as his mother. Your kitties should be happy, healthy, and thriving in no time!


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