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If you are trying to find reputable dog breeders in Kenya this list of kennels will help you. There's no denying that dogs are amazing pets. Not only do dogs make lovable and cuddly companions, but the amount of unconditional love they receive is priceless. Your companion dog is your guardian and will protect you in many cases. It also depends on the type of dogs and the temperament they have. Many people in Kenya are looking for a companion puppy for a variety of reasons.

This demand to breed dogs as pets has led to the emergence of many irresponsible dog breeders, making it harder to find a reputable dog breeder. Finding a reputable and reliable breeder can also be stressful at times. If you are in Kenya and belong to the group of people looking for reputable dog breeders then you have come to the right place. Our ILY Best team have created this list of dog breeders in Kenya to help you find what you are looking for.

  • Kiunaperra
  • dog com pedigree acacia
  • Breeder of Njogit
  • Mirema Hundemann
  • kennel forever
  • to raise a dog

Dog breeders in Kenya show

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1. Kiuna dogs

Top 6 Dog Breeders in Kenya! (2022) • ILY Best (1)

First up on the list of dog breeders in Kenya is “Kiunaperra.” Kiunadogs has specialized exclusively in black and dusky German Shepherds for over 30 years and takes two things very seriously: ethics and responsibility. These breeders focus on breeding black and dark German shepherds. In addition, they teach their dogs socialization skills and examine them from time to time.

By evaluating these dogs, new owners will know they are free from any health complications. In addition, Kiunadogs also offers valuable services that can help potential new dog owners. These training services include obedience training and protection training. Basic obedience includes, for example, commands such as "sit", "come" or "stay". If you are planning on bringing home a Kiunadogs companion, expect quality and know that the breeder will take care of it.

Business data of Kiunadogs

  • Name:Kiunaperra
  • Location:Nairobi
  • ADDRESS:Thiongo Road, Nairobi
  • Website-Web: Kiunaperra
  • Telephone number:(0721) 982-203
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Std:Monday to Sunday 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

2. Kennel with Acacia pedigree

Top 6 Dog Breeders in Kenya! (2022) • ILY Best (2)

Acacia Pedigree Kennels is a Nairobi-based dog breeder that houses several types of European dogs. At Acacia Pedigree Kennels you will find a wide range of carefully selected European Giant Dogs from the finest bloodlines. One of the reasons you will find many giant dog breeds here is the way they raise their dogs. Acacia Pedigree Kennels puppies and dogs are bred for potential owners who are interested in size. They also pay close attention to these dogs' temperaments, making sure they learn socialization skills while they are still puppies. If this is your first time hearing about Acacia Pedigree Kennels, you should know that they do excellent health testing on their dogs.

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Commercial details of kennel Acacia Pedigree

  • Name:dog com pedigree acacia
  • Location:Nairobi
  • Facebook: dog com pedigree acacia
  • Telephone number:(0722) 173-068
  • Email: [email protected]

3. Creator of Njogit

Top 6 Dog Breeders in Kenya! (2022) • ILY Best (3)

Calm, well behaved and sweet dogs are what you get from Njogit Breeders. They are known for breeding puppies that are intended or ideal for families. For example, think of the Japanese Spitz or the Maltese. There are many similar ones, and that's exactly what you get at Njogit Breeders. Not only are their dogs great for families, but they come home with amazing temperaments. Breeders here show love to their puppies from an early age until an owner brings them home.

If you are having difficulty choosing the right partner, Njogit Breeders will help you with your selection process to make your decision easier. Reputable breeders care about the health of their dogs, and that's exactly what Njogit breeders do. They take great care of the dogs they raise. All of the dogs in their care are vaccinated and tested for any potential health issues that could soon become a problem. If you are unsure, ask breeders here for a current veterinary document when adopting a puppy from them.

Business details from the creators of Njogit

  • Name:Breeder of Njogit
  • Location:Nairobi
  • ADDRESS:Tourism Ln, Nairobi
  • Facebook: Breeder of Njogit
  • Telephone number:(0720) 733-017

4. Mirema Hundemann

Top 6 Dog Breeders in Kenya! (2022) • ILY Best (4)

Bred by family in this kennel to take home with their family, the Mirema Dog Man is clearly different. This particular Kenyan dog breeder has a wide range of family puppy ideas. The puppies here have thick coats and are said to be fluffier than most. If you plan to adopt a companion, you should prepare for the crowd of seedlings to come. With that in mind, all of your puppies will look amazing with their adorable eyes.

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All Mirema Dog Man puppies are vaccinated and screened to ensure they go home with a healthy companion. The creator here is unique because they do things differently. If you are interested in an escort, you may need to do a phone interview or meet in person. You can find out more about the dog breeds offered by Mirema Dog Man by contacting them on the phone number below.

Mirema Dog Man Handelsdetails

  • Name:Mirema Hundemann
  • Location:Nairobi
  • Telephone number:(0732) 579-133
  • Std:Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday closed

5. kennel forever

Top 6 Dog Breeders in Kenya! (2022) • ILY Best (5)

Milele Kennel is another quality dog ​​breeder in Kenya. This particular breeder prides themselves on training and breeding purebred dogs that can be used as pets or guard dogs. The dogs you get from Milele Kennels are loyal, playful, and very outgoing, making them ideal companions, especially if you have a family. This can be attributed to the way they came about. Since they were little, the Milele team have shown love and affection. Also, they have daily contact with them, which helps them develop their amazing temperaments as they age.

One advantage of Milele Kennels is that they have staff who are extremely knowledgeable about raising, caring for and feeding dogs. They also provide a lot of valuable information that new dog owners can take advantage of. This includes information on how to housetrain your puppy or dog when you bring them home, how to pick them up and how to properly care for them.

Milele Kennel's business details

  • Name:kennel forever
  • Location:Nairobi
  • ADDRESS:Kibichiku, Getathuru Rd, Nairobi-Stadt
  • Trade page: kennel forever
  • Telephone number:(0721) 668-877

6. Hodaris Hund

Top 6 Dog Breeders in Kenya! (2022) • ILY Best (6)

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Last on the list of dog breeders in Kenya is “to raise a dog.” Hodari Kennels is another Kenyan dog breeder that specializes in raising dogs or puppies for families. On the shop page you can see how adorable their puppies are. From Maltese, Japanese Spitz to Golden Retrievers, you name it and you're sure to find it at Hodari Kennels.

To make sure their cute and adorable puppies have good temperaments, they have fun with them every day and Sunday is a sociable day when they interact with even more dog lovers.If you would like to see the puppies you must make an appointment. You can do this by dialing the contact numbers below. Notable about Hodari Kennel; All their puppies are guaranteed against genetic abnormalities for two years.

Hodari Kennel's business details

  • Name:to raise a dog
  • Location:Nairobi
  • ADDRESS:Ngecha Road, Nairobi
  • Trade page: to raise a dog
  • Facebook: to raise a dog
  • Telephone number:(0727) 872-299, (0726) 217-480

Dog breeders in Kenya

Top 6 Dog Breeders in Kenya! (2022) • ILY Best (7)

Finding the best dog breeders in Kenya can be a challenge. We hope this guide, created by our team at ILY Best, will help you as much as possible. If you are planning to buy from an unfamiliar dog breeder in Kenya, we strongly encourage you to do your due diligence before making any purchasing decisions. There are countless puppy mills out there and our goal is to make sure we avoid this.

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