Sims 4 Controllable Pet Mod | 2022 playable and selectable pets (2023)

The Sims 4 introduced this new feature to the game that allows you to choose pets and play as pets. The Sims 4 Readable Pets mod allows you to control your needs and details.

For any reason during developmentThe Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, we realized that EA would not allow players to command their pets in this variant of the game. As someone who has played previous Sims, this was a fantastic treat and a huge disappointment for me.

The modders got to work and discovered that there was onehe was Codeallows playable pets but has been disabled for the boost pack. This meant that it was quite easy for a modder to create anything that would allow him to fully control his pets.

Sims 4 Controllable Pet Mod | 2022 playable and selectable pets (1)

If heplayable pets modWhen that happens, you can give your pets commands and tell them when to chew, poop, snore and more, giving you full control over your pets and keeping your home clean.


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Sims 4 mod playable pet deals

Due to the manageable pet module, there are many companies that you can use in pet cc. Hobbies accessible to you are as follows:

  • hemp necklaces

The Sims 4 playable pet mod lets you choose from seven dog themes with a dangling heart or star. There are a similar number of options available for cats that come with silver or blonde bells.

Type "happy" in the search bar and you will find them in the game catalog.

  • Colors of an absolute tennis ball

There are four balls to choose from, which the dog can carry in his mouth while playing.

(Video) Playable Pet Mod - The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs - Control your Pets Mod Overview and Tutorial

You can buy them from the real pet store indicated in the game.

  • Recolor Pet Food Bowl-

There are different feeding bowls available in this CC pet care, so you can use different bowls for your kitty and puppies. You can also avoid clutter.

  • real eyes -

Graphics make your pets' eyesight look natural and enhance their enjoyment. You can get more out of this FP mode when you have your first personal surveillance camera.

Download playable mod for sims 4 pets

It is important to realize "what is resource.cfg sims 4", as its existence in the plan will prevent you from downloading mods. The action of moving forward to set up the playable pets mod can-

  • Download Sims 4 Pets Mod Update.
  • Keep the downloaded playable pets mod in the created module folder.
  • Look for the Game Options dropdown card if you actually downloaded it.
  • Click through and facilitate custom changes to game content and options. Also, let the Scripts modules do the trick.
  • Restart your plan if any of the pet mod upgrade settings change
  • That is all! Now you can experience this playable pet mod.

How to install this Sims 4 Control Pets Mod?

Simmer can download this sims 4 pets mod from the illustrative website and web link is given above. Then place it in Documents >

EA>The Sims 4>


Enable custom content in the game menu with script mods. Restart the game.

Language conversion problem in Sims 4 Control Mod Pets:

You can find text translations by spending some on playable pets later in this mod. For example, increasing the subtitle accent can increase noise.

This malfunction occurs because no non-English text is added to the platform. The nature of the game is represented only in the English text.

Here's what to do when it comes to this matter in playable pet mode:

(Video) PLAYABLE PETS MOD | The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

  • You need to grant the ignored parts in the pet mod. Point creators to the existing initchain files in the Sims 4 Pets Extension.
  • When they overcome this setback, they can do the translations of the missing parts and make them part of the work.

The location of the string file will appear in this path when the issue is resolved

C:Programmdateien (x86)Origin GamesThe Sims4EP04Strings_ENG_US.Package

The last string can be separated from others like:

  • Strings_POR_BR.package (for Portuguese)
  • Strings_GER_DE.package (for German language)
  • Strings_POL_PL.package (for Polish language)

However, if multiple languages ​​are running and you find that the errors are comparable between languages, the cable file will not change.

The best mods possible: control your pets

The Sims 4 MC Command Center mod complemented the Cats and Dogs EP with the easy to read modules. Various interactions have also been made as part of the game, giving it more liveliness. Some of the modifications passed are:

  • control Animal

You can command your pets in this pet mod like the sims 3 from this pet control mod. The various regulations of the CC animal, such as bladder control, hygiene, appetite, etc. they are under your control. Even if 2022 is like this, we can expect more improvements.

  • animal eyes

Even your player can get a pair of eyes compared to their pets and choose any pair.

There are several affordable colors with impeccable shapes.

  • three legged pets

Many animals have suffered exposure, fatal disease, or something else in their lives. It would be better to mark them as part of your practical life. In this pet mod, you can choose a brutal character who is missing a leg or something for yourself.

  • vet rental

If your mission is to cure the cute creatures, then choose this module. Previous issues related to eligible or unqualified vets have been resolved and you can hire any of them regardless of their qualifications.

  • Increase in pet sales prices

Changing your pet should bring you some gains, whether you have Tiny Pets Mod or Pet CC. If you are planning to start a pet breeding business, this is of vital importance to you. The characteristics of the animals determine their price in this unit. Someone with mischievous pets from The Sims 4 is not worth a higher cost than those who are mischievous and friendly.

(Video) The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Playable Pets! (Mod Showcase)

  • panda router

If you don't select a familiar creature as a pet, select the red panda through this aspect. They look like real creatures.

  • Color change in dogs and cats.

It gives you the opportunity to mark your creatures to be brighter and more diverse. The default options are a bit limited, but you can still make them look alive.

  • Demogorgon Kitten Hat

Your cat would give an evil look to your controllable pets after putting on this special hat.

  • Superman/Batman jumper for your pets

T-shirts made exclusively for your dogs with the icon that represents the hero Superman/Batman.

Sims 4 selectable pets mod

In order not to make your Sims 4 eligible pets a companion to your family, since the maximum population allowed is only 8, you cannot take more. So, to make things easier, you can have more than 8 pets and not make them part of your family.

You have to choose the creatures that you want to keep on a separate lot and add them to your favorites to prevent them from dying.

Selection of selectable Aom pets

Aom's selectable pets provide these options,

  • My pets

Now pets can also be part of your family, but you can only choose one at a time. As a result, you can get multiple paw friends.

  • My pets, cancellation

You can remove your connection to a specific pet.

  • call the shelter

A manual pet house can be set up, but another pile must not be formed. With the Cats and Dogs mods, other interactions can be included through a select pizza menu. In this mode, you can name selectable pets from The Sims 4 and assign them an outfit.

How can you control your pets?

Calming playable pet mods can help you in ts4 pet control. Various behaviors of furry creatures can be controlled with this simple trick.

(Video) How to Make Pets Playable

Game problems:

If you are dealing with these issues, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your game has the latest update. This mod skin script works. Older versions of The Sims 4 are not supported.
  • Script mods must be enabled in game settings.
  • Unzip the file from your Documents/Sims 4/Mods file. Call .package or .package or . ts4script file.
  • Don't save the .ts4script in a subdirectory, otherwise it won't work.

Mod Sims 4 commands pets

  • Pets can survive 3-4 weeks depending on their well being. But if you have a puppy, its life expectancy is 5-6 weeks.
  • Pets can reproduce. However, this would add to your house staff, so focus on controlling the occupants.
  • To illustrate, only two comparable species of animals can walk and not a cat and a dog.

frequent questions

Can you make playable pets from The Sims 4?

No, pets are not playable in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion, as you cannot control them. Like in real life and even then, it's been a swamp competition since its release. However, that is why it is so. However, you can get the Sims 4 playable pets mod.

How to use playable pets mod?

To bookmark Sims 4 Playable Pets, you need to download Sims 4 Playable Pets Mod and put the file in it.Documents > and Electronic Arts > then The Sims 4 > and last but not least - Mods🇧🇷 Go to game options, select other and enable "Content and mods" under "Allowed script mods". Finally, restart the game.

Are mods allowed in The Sims 4?

Yes, mods are allowed in The Sims 4 as they are an essential part of the game. So it's easy to download any mod you prefer; However, Maxis does not save, select, or support modules in any way.

Is there a pet control mod in The Sims 4?

Of course, there is a trick to command pets.

How to control pets in Sims 4 ps4?

To get control of The Sims 4, you need to turn the "BoolProp ControlPets preference" on or off.

Sims 4 Controllable Pet Mod | 2022 playable and selectable pets (2)

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Is there a mod to control pets in Sims 4? ›

That's where the playable pets mod comes in where you can control your cats and dogs and go ahead and tell them when to eat, poop, sleep, and more giving you total control over your animals and keeping your house cleaner for sure.

Are Sims 4 mods Bannable? ›

No, you cannot get banned from the sims for using mods. Mods just aren't supported by EA, so if they aren't working properly you're out of luck unless the creator decides to update it. There are a lot of popular and trusted mod creators for the sims, so you shouldn't really have any issues.

How do you play as a cat on Sims 4? ›

Start up your game and open a household with cats or dogs in it, or have a Sim adopt a cat or dog. You should be able to select the pet, view their needs, and direct them to perform actions, just like you would with Sims.

What happens if you bind your pet as a familiar Sims 4? ›

To bind your Sim's cat or dog as a Familiar, click on it and then on "Bind" under the Familiars menu in the Magic sub-menu. You'll then need to Summon it which you do from the same menu as the others. Once Summoned, your Sim's pet will follow them wherever they go and will also emit sparkles - how cute!

Can you spay kittens in Sims 4? ›

The veterinary clinic can also be used to have your pet spayed or neutered the same way. Simply travel to the vet with your pet, sign at the kiosk (this time specifically stating what for), and then wait. That operation will cost a flat fee and cannot be reversed.

Is there an abusive mod Sims 4? ›

Playing The Sims with the Extreme Violence mod installed turns it into a bootleg version of Grand Theft Auto. The violence is random, and escalates exponentially so that you go from fist fight to cold blooded murder before you can blink.

Can Sim pets get pregnant? ›

Pets take less time to gestate than human Sims; it will likely take only two Sim days. Once they are ready to give birth, they will do so immediately; you will not need to go to the vet. Pets almost always give birth to twins but won't have as large of litters as in reality.

Can dogs scare off foxes in Sims 4? ›

Llamas will spit at foxes trying to harm your livestock and dogs will chase foxes away from the property for you. You can also shoo them away yourself.

Can EA detect mods? ›

Yes, there is a risk the EAC can trigger when you use mods in other games.

Did Sims ban CC? ›

The Sims 4 custom content creators are now prohibited from charging for their creations. : r/Games.

Are Wicked Whims and Wonderful Whims compatible? ›

WickedWhims and WonderfulWhims are now compatible with the 1.68. 154 (November 10th) game patch, just download the updated release. Supported Game Versions: 1.66. 139, 1.67.

Does Sims 4 have hamster? ›

Add a habitat to your household with all-new small pets like a hamster, rat, pygmy hedgehog, or miniature bubalus! Have your Sims name their new pet and learn how to take care of them, whether its spending time playing or keeping them clean and healthy. Your Sims have lots to learn!

What game lets you play as a cat? ›

The cat is out of the bag — and probably all over your Twitter and TikTok feeds. “Stray,” a new videogame for Sony's SONY, +5.02% PlayStation and Microsoft MSFT, +1.18% Windows, lets players explore a subterranean, cyberpunk city as ginger tabby that's trying to claw its way back to its family.

Can cats be familiars in Sims 4? ›

Familiar & The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

All you have to do is click on your pet, head to the Magic menu and you will be given the option to 'Bind Pet as Familiar. ' Once you have done that, you can summon your cat or dog the same way you would a normal Familiar.

Can you have two familiars? ›

You can't have more than one familiar at a time. If you cast this spell while you already have a familiar, you instead cause it to adopt a new form.

Can you have two familiars in Sims 4? ›

Players can bind as many familiars as they want, but only one can be summoned at a time. A familiar's presence will give a Spellcaster Sim an extra confident moodlet. Familiars are also able to protect the Sim from death.

Can familiars disappear? ›

A familiar can't Attack, but it can take other ACTIONS as normal. When the familiar drops to 0 Hit Points, it disappears, leaving behind no physical form. It reappears after you cast this spell again.

Can a cat get pregnant if spayed? ›

Spaying is the removal of the ovaries and uterus. Without these organs, ovarian cysts, uterine infections and cancer of the reproductive tract are no longer a concern. Spaying means sterilization. Spaying will result in the sterilization of your cat, and she will no longer have the ability to become pregnant.

Why does my Sims cat have hearts? ›

Female pets will indicate they are in heat when little hearts circle around them. You may also notice a heart symbol appear in their thought bubble, just as a human Sim has one when it's time to woohoo.

Can a cat get her period even when she's spayed? ›

When your cat is spayed, the entire reproductive tract (including both ovaries and the uterus) is surgically removed. Therefore, your spayed cat no longer has ovaries, produces estrogen, or goes into heat.

Can sims go to jail? ›

Jail. In The Sims, Sims in the top levels of the Criminal career track could randomly receive a career chance card, the potential negative outcome of which would result in them being sent to jail (off-screen) for a period of game time.

What is inappropriate in The Sims 4? ›

Nudity and sexual content

Players can make Sims have sex ('woohoo' in Simlish), which happens under the sheets or in other hidden places, so no nudity is shown. Characters are censored when they use the bathroom or can be seen in their underwear.

Can a Sim become a vet? ›

Sims cannot be veterinarians as a conventional career, so it's unlikely a first-generation Sim will need this skill until they get wealthy enough to own their own business. Veterinarian is an odd skill in that it doesn't really need to be power-leveled.

What is the most op pet in pet Sim? ›

The most valuable and best pet in the Pet Simulator X is Huge Storm Agony, which is worth 1.2 trillion diamonds; it was added in the pixel world update and can be hatched from exclusive pets' eggs on a 0.5% chance.

Can pregnant Sims have a miscarriage? ›

The makers of the long-running video game series The Sims don't allow pregnant characters to have abortions.

Should I get Cottage Living or cats and dogs? ›

"Cats and dogs primarily provide companionship, whereas cottage animals provide that too, as well as useful products such as eggs, milk and wool," Romeo says. "Cleaning, feeding and socializing with these animals results in the highest quality products.

Can a fox breed with a cat? ›

Short answer: no, they can't. They simply don't have compatible parts. (Of course, that doesn't mean they can't be friends: witness Juniper the Fox and Moose the Dog, above). The longer answer to why dog-fox hybrids can't exist has to do with the two species having vastly different numbers of chromosomes.

Will a fox hurt a dog or cat? ›

Do Foxes Attack Dogs or Cats? Fox attacks on dogs are rare because these animals try to evade conflict. However, they will defend themselves against a dog if cornered. Adult cats are usually safe, but a fox may hunt and prey on kittens.

Are mods considered cheating? ›

However, it's important to consult with the game developer before installing mods to your game. Every game developer has different rules for what's allowed on Xbox and Windows. When mods disrupt other players' experience or provide you with an unfair advantage in competitive lobbies, it's typically considered cheating.

How can you tell if someone is a mod? ›

How can I tell who's a moderator, Reddit administrator, or the original poster on a comment thread?
  1. Moderators will have MOD or a shield icon next to their username.
  2. Reddit administrators will have ADMIN or a Reddit mascot (also known as Snoo) icon next to their username.
May 8, 2021

Is the Wicked Whims mod safe? ›

To clear up some confusion, WickedWhims DOES NOT contain any malware or anything else that would negatively affect your game or your computer.

Why is there no Sims 5? ›

Project Rene, AKA The Sims 5, is so early in development that there's no release date yet. We wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't hit stores until 2024, to be honest.

Does Sims NSFW? ›

The Sims 4 now has improved profanity filters to reduce NSFW content in the creation gallery. The Sims 4 has a thriving community of creators working to unleash their creativity through custom characters, rooms, and homes in the Sims 4 gallery.

Were Sims 4 whims removed? ›

Yup, the thought bubbles above your Sim's thumbnail, also known as Whims, are not automatically disabled from the game. However, the feature wasn't fully removed from the game – it was just disabled along with the introduction of a new section in Game Options. To bring back Whims, go to Options > Gameplay > Show Whims.

Does WonderfulWhims have polyamory? ›

Wonderful Whims adds the mechanic where you get to decide what kind of relationship your Sim is in: monogamous, polyamorous, or open. The Open Relationships setting allows Sims to have either committed or non-committed partners (or a mix of both) with options to enable or disable jealousy.

How WonderfulWhims get pregnant? ›

Simply open Wonderful Settings -> Pregnancy Settings and uncheck the 'Menstrual Cycle Switch' setting. You can adjust the pregnancy chances with the 'Player Sims Pregnancy Chance' and 'NPC Sims Pregnancy Chance' settings.

What does wicked whims allow? ›

WickedWhims is a mod created by TURBODRIVER for The Sims 4, which adds realistic nudity and sexual animations. It also contains a number of optional features, most notably menstrual cycles (along with menstrual hygiene products) and birth control.

Does Sims 4 have rats? ›

The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff adds four new rodents in special cages. Unlike cats and dogs, rodents do not have life stages. However, they can still die of old age or starvation.

Why is the cat game 16 +? ›

I think the only reason the game has a 16+ recommended age is that younger children likely won't know what all of cards are referring to. Otherwise the game plays quickly. In fact I think the game is a little too quick if you only play with four or so players.

Why do they call it cat game? ›

(tic-tac-toe) A tie game. Comes from the concept that a cat cannot catch its own tail just like a player in tic-tac-toe cannot win a game that is already tied.

What game is Spider cat in? ›

Meet Spider-Cat, Your New Favorite Character in 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales'

What creatures can be familiars? ›

Familiar spirits were most commonly small animals, such as cats, rats, dogs, ferrets, birds, frogs, toads and hares. There were also cases of wasps and butterflies, as well as pigs, sheep and horses.

Can familiars fly? ›

Exclusive to Pact of the Chain Warlocks, Pseudodragons are familiars with stellar mobility through their 60-foot flying speed, and they have the ability to contribute more to combat than many other entries on this list.

Do familiars count as an ally? ›

Familiars are creatures, and friendly/allied to you. If your familiar is within 5 feet of a rogue's target, that qualifies for sneak attack. Your familiar is also able to use the help action, and give advantage on your attack roll, also qualifying the rogue for sneak attack.

How do I enable pet functions? ›

Once you have a pet, press "Alt + P" to open up the pet menu. You can use this menu to summon any pets you own, allowing them to auto-loot nearby items and grant additional buffs if you have Crystalline Aura active.

What does Ctrl Shift C do in Sims 4? ›

To enter Cheat Codes in The Sims 4, you must first open the Cheat Console by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your PC or Mac, while in game. This will bring up the cheat dialogue box where you can enter cheats. Don't forget to press “Enter” after typing in a cheat.”

Why wont it give me the option to adopt a pet Sims 4? ›

Re: Can't create or adopt a pet in The sims 4

Open Origin Click on The Sims 4 in your Game library. Click on More and then Expansion packs. Scroll to Cats & Dogs. If there is a Download button click it and wait until it finishes and you can now play the Sims 4 with Cats & Dogs.

How do you unlock a pet function? ›

Unlock a pet – Learning About Pets quest
  1. Speak with Blueberry.
  2. Open the jar filled with rice and grains beside her.
  3. Pick up the scattered rice and speak with Blueberry.
  4. Speak with Redberry.
  5. Speak with Working Achatemeow.
  6. Accept the reward.
  7. Open your Inventory, right-click the pet to register it.
May 18, 2022

How do you turn on hyper pet? ›

TIPS TO ACTIVATE: Pull out tab and give hard shake. If toy does not turn on, feel around for ON/OFF switch located underneath cover, hold button for 2 seconds, and give hard shake. The ball will activate, vibrating and making noise for approximately 10 seconds.

How does Super Auto pets versus mode work? ›

There are two modes: Arena (billy-no-mates mode) where you play against randoms online and thus battle a selection of ever-changing rosters, or Versus (“oo fwiends” mode) where you play against a single opponent and a single roster which gets more powerful every round.

What is pet Mode? ›

Nikon's new Pet mode lets you capture the expressions and actions of your pet cat or dog automatically. Nikon's new Pet mode, available in select models, lets you capture the expressions of your pet cat or dog automatically.

What does Ctrl Shift ++ do? ›

The shortcut key used to apply Superscript is Ctrl +Shift ++

Subscript is a character slightly below the baseline.

What is Shift F7 for? ›

Shift+F7 Runs a Thesaurus check on the selected word. Shift+F12 Save the open document. Just like Ctrl+S.

What does Ctrl 9 0 do in Sims? ›

To do this, select the object you want to move and click on 9. The object will move up incrementally, so keep hitting 9 until it is at the height you desire. To lower the object, press 0. If you have your game set to “Sims3” camera controls, you need to hit CTRL+9 and CTRL+0 at the same time.

Can I adopt a stray cat Sims 4? ›

In The Sims 4 (like in all previous games), Sims can adopt strays and make them part of the family. Strays are generated randomly. But unlike townies, strays in the Sims 4 cannot be accessed from the Manage Worlds menu. Instead, a Sim must find them out in the world and befriend them.

Can you adopt or foster a child in Sims 4? ›

In The Sims 4, a Sim can use a computer to initiate an adoption by choosing "Household", then "Adopt". Each adoption costs §1,000. The player will be shown a pool of adoptable babies, toddlers and children, and can choose from that pool.

How do you force a pet pregnant on Sims 4? ›

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

To breed two animals, a Sim must first become friends with one of them. The two pets have to be friendly with each other or else one of the pets will just walk away. After that, the option "Encourage to Mate..." will show up and that will allow Sims to choose another pet to breed their pet with.

Where is the secret door in pet? ›

Because of what exactly hides behind it, the latest Pet Simulator X secret door is in the Cat World. You can get here via the Void Area. Just teleport there, head down the staircase, and then walk up the bridge labelled #3 to reach the Cat World.


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