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1. Which band, formed in 1994 and led by Jonathan Davis, won two MTV Video Music Awards for the video for their single "Freak on a Leash"?

Responder:KornA single from the 1998 album Follow the Leader, "Freak on a Leash" is not only a popular Korn song in rock clubs, it also includes a memorable video directed by Todd McFarlane. The video is part live action and part animated, and in the animated part, a police officer fires a bullet that exits the animated world and enters the live action; in the middle part, where Jonathan Davis sings, he flies through a Korn poster.

The video won Best Editing and Best Rock Video at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards and also won a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video in 2000.

2. Which famous rock star stopped his quest for a heart of gold to perform with Pearl Jam at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards?

Responder:Neil YoungNeil Young, whose hits include "Heart of Gold," joined Pearl Jam at the 1993 awards show to perform their 1989 hit "Rockin' in the Free World." He and Pearl Jam had been friends for some time, and both Young and the Pearl Jam members were able to show off their instrumental skills and "Jam" Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder also destroyed his microphone stand.

Pearl Jam performed 'Rockin' in the Free World' at several concerts and also inducted Young into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. In 1997 it was recorded again, this time by Tom Petty, as part of Buffalo Springfield. .


3. Limp Bizkit started a trend in nu metal circles by covering an '80s pop song for their 1998 debut album Three Dollar Bill, Y'All. The singer was George Michael, but what was the song?

Responder:BelieveGranted, a cover of Careless Whisper would have been interesting, but Limp Bizkit went the Faith route, covering her songs at her shows to gain attention before recording them for Three Dollar Bill, Y'All . Producer Ross Robinson was initially against the idea until hearing the final version, which DJ Lethal clawed hard at. Lead singer Fred Durst was actually a fan of George Michael, but according to guitarist Wes Borland, Michael Limp hated Bizkit's version.

Other covers of this type include Orgy's "Blue Monday" (originally by New Order), Fear Factory's "Cars" (originally by Gary Numan), Goldfinger's "99 Red Balloons" (originally by Nena), and "Land of Confusion". . by Disturbed (originally by Genesis).

4. Nirvana was considered by many to be the face of grunge, a style of music that originated in the Pacific Northwest region. What was the name of your third and last album before the death of singer Kurt Cobain in 1994?

Responder:not uterusAside from the various posthumous compilations, "In Utero" was Nirvana's last (and, in my opinion, best) album to be released in September 1993. It was produced by Shellac and Big Black's Steve Albini as Nirvana wanted a more aggressive disc. Sound, and the singles released from the album were "Heart-Shaped Box" and a double A-side of "All Apologies" and "Rape Me". A third single, "Pennyroyal Tea", was scheduled for release in April 1994 but was canceled after Kurt Cobain's death. However, it was released ten years later to celebrate Record Store Day 2014.

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"From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah" is a collection of live performances by Nirvana between 1989 and 1994.

5. "Man in the Box" was a 1991 Alice in Chains single. What album is it from?

Responder:FaceliftFacelift was Alice in Chains' debut album, with an oddly colored photo of bassist Mike Starr (who left the band in 1993 after the release of Dirt) on the cover. "Man in the Box" was the second single from the album. Singer Layne Staley was inspired to write the song after going to dinner with some vegetarian friends and hearing them talk about butchering calves for veal.

Both "Black Gives Way to Blue" were recorded with vocalist William DuVall, who joined Alice in Chains in 2006 as Staley's replacement after his death from a drug overdose in 2002. DuVall later befriended guitarist Jerry Cantrell to go after to draw Los Angeles. in 2000 with his band Comes with the Fall.

6. Which band whose signature hit is "Cult of Personality" was led by Cory Glover and released their first album "Vivid" in 1988?

Responder:bright colorLiving Color is one of the oldest bands in this quiz, formed in 1984 and releasing their sixth album, Shade, in 2017. "Cult of Personality", released in 1988, was written in one session, with the riff being composed while the band was working on another song.

The song honors various political figures, from Benito Mussolini to Joseph Stalin, and the title was inspired by Nikita Khrushchev's account of Stalin's legacy in the Soviet Union entitled On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences.

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It won Best Hard Rock Performance at the 1990 Grammy Awards.

7. Which English sludge metal band from Corby, Northamptonshire released "The Gush" in 2001?

Responder:Speedhorn furiosoOne of the lesser-known bands on this quiz, Raging Speedhorn originally had two vocalists, Frank Regan and John Loughlin, who left the band in 2008, though they returned for the 2014 reunion (with Loughlin leaving again in 2019). They were formed after the merger of two bands, Soulcellar (with Regan) and Box. They released The Gush in 2001, which appeared as a bonus track on their 2000 self-titled debut album and was their first single to chart on the UK Singles Chart. Comedian and Northamptonshire native James Acaster is a fan of the band and interviewed Regan for Kerrang!. Magazine in 2020.

(Defenestration was also from Northamptonshire - Kettering to be precise - and Kill II This was from Manchester. Kittie is actually Canadian but Raging Speedhorn supported her on their UK tour in 2000.)

8. Gloria Jones' "Tainted Love" has been covered by many musicians in many genres, not only by Marc Almond but also by Marilyn Manson and My Ruin. Which version came first, My Ruin or Marilyn Manson?

Responder:my undoingMarilyn Manson's 2001 version of "Tainted Love" is arguably metal's most famous version, especially given its appearance on the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack, but My Ruin had covered the song two years earlier in 1999. Tainted Love appeared on their debut album Speak & Destroy. (Honestly, I prefer the My Ruin version.) Several of the film's actresses, including Mia Kirshner, who later starred in "The L Word" as Jenny Schecter, appeared in the video for Manson's version, which won "Kerrang!". Best video award 2022.

Believe it or not, Sepultura also covered 'Tainted Love'! However, it is from the post-Max Cavalera era: its 2020 version was filmed for the Brazilian horror series Desalma. The Scorpions also recorded a version for their compilation album Comeblack, which also included covers of The Beatles' "Across the Universe" and The Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday."

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9. The Deftones released their first album, Adrenaline, in 1995. Which single from the album is about police brutality and was written by singer Chino Moreno as a teenager?

Responder:7 words"7 Words" is about police brutality against ethnic minorities in the United States. The "7 words" in question are "You have the right to remain silent," which American players will recognize as Miranda's warning to police suspects. Chino Moreno wrote the song when he was sixteen and called it "one of the angriest songs I've ever written". It was the first single from "Adrenaline", released in 1995. "Adrenaline" slowly went platinum four years after its release.

The Deftones started out as a four-piece before the addition of turntable and keyboardist Frank Delgado in 1999. After the departure of bassist Sergio Vega in 2021, they became a foursome again; He joined the band in 2009 to replace Chi Cheng, who died in 2013 after a serious illness following a car accident in 2008.

10. Mike Patton was the lead singer of Faith No More and he had his fingers on many musical tracks over the years. Which of these bands is NOT one of your side projects?

Responder:AudioesklavoFaith No More hits include "Epic", "We Care a Lot" and "From Out of Nowhere" (my favourite). Mike Patton was playing with Mr Bungle, an experimental rock band he formed in high school (warning: they're nothing like Faith No More!) when he was recruited to accompany original Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley substitute. Guitarist Jim Martin suggested Patton after hearing a demo by Mr. Bungle. Patton wrote all the lyrics for Faith No More's "Real Thing."

Other Tomahawk members include The Jesus Lizard's Duane Denison, Mr Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn and Helmet drummer John Stanier. Dunn also plays with the Fantômas, another Patton supergroup featuring Melvins guitarist Buzz Osbourne and drummer Dave Lombardo, a founding member of Slayer. Patton's other projects include Peeping Tom, Dead Cross and Lovage.

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