Headlines for Monday, January 30, 2023 (2023)

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to Super Bowl 57

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KNS) -- The Kansas City Chiefs head to the Super Bowl after their 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday night. It's the Chiefs' third trip to the Super Bowl in four years. Harrison Butker kicked the game-winning 45-yard field goal, leaving just three seconds in the game. The Chiefs were within field goal range after a Patrick Mahomes run followed by a penalty against the Bengals. Mahomes, who played with a sprained ankle, says it was only possible because of the coaching staff. The Chiefs will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57 on February 12 in Glendale, Arizona.


Chiefs survive Bengals have 2 weeks to recover for Super Bowl

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Patrick Mahomes won the ball for the AFC title game. Travis Kelce probably too. But behind the scenes was Chiefs coach Rick Burkholder and his staff. They had to prepare the star quarterback for the Bengals and help his star when his back spasms nearly prevented him from playing as well. Your work is just beginning. The Chiefs lost cornerback L'Jarius Sneed, linebacker Willie Gay Jr. and wide receivers Kadarius Toney, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mecole Hardman to injuries in Sunday night's 23-20 victory. They have two weeks to get healthy for the Eagles in the Super Bowl.


Former Kansas Community College President Arrested

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INDEPENDENCE, can. (Montgomery County Chronicle)-he was the founding director of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry
in southeast Kansas arrested for robbery. EITHERMontgomery County Chronikberichtethat dr. Daniel Barwick, who joined UMKC last December, was arrested in Independence on Friday and booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

Police charged Barwick with robbing an Independence store nine times in the past month. Formal fees are due this week. When not in Kansas City, Barwick resides in Independence, where he was president of Independence Community College from 2011 to 2019.


Lawyers seek clemency for woman convicted of Lawrence's murder

TOPECA, Kan. (KNS)-Advocates for Sarah Gonzalez-McLinn are calling on Gov. Laura Kelly to grant her clemency after she was convicted of the murder of a man she says repeatedly raped him. Gonzalez-McLinn is serving between 25 and life in prison for the 2014 murder of Hal Sasko in Lawrence. Sasko was her former boss at a local restaurant. She moved in with him when she was 17 and he was 50. She says she treated her like a teenager and raped her months before the murder. The judge did not allow her defense to take those allegations to trial, and the jury that convicted her of first-degree murder in 2015 was unaware of the months of abuse that preceded her crime. Gonzalez McLinn's lawyers say her clemency petition contains new evidence that Sasko was also caring for two other 16-year-olds. The governor's office declined to comment on the case.


Study: The pandemic negatively affected home health care

LAWRENCE, Kan. (KNS) -- A study by researchers at the University of Kansas found that stress and health problems during the pandemic have led many family doctors to change jobs. Home care workers are often paid low wages and receive no benefits such as sick pay or health insurance. Patients cared for at home struggled to find alternatives. However, the situation may be improving as rule changes made during the peak of the pandemic expand what can be hired for nursing home jobs.Kansas public health officials expanded who could be a paid caregiver to include family members of the person needing home care. Study co-author Carrie Wendel-Hummel says that while it's not a one-size-fits-all solution, it's another option to make up for lost home care. "It has helped fill a lot of gaps in care, especially when other caregivers have left," Wendel-Hummell said. The state is considering making the move permanent. Some workers are leaving home care jobs due to burnout and higher wage offerings in other industries. The study's recommendations include raising wages and expanding Medicaid, which would give health coverage to some workers in the sector.

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The Kansas legislature is considering state water legislation

TOPEKA, Kansas (KNS) – Kansas lawmakers are under increasing pressure to respond to the state's deepening water crisis. Over the past year, lawmakers have failed to pass laws to deal with the crisis. Opposition came from groups that affected farmers and ranchers. But with an ongoing drought in many parts of the state, there is even more pressure for action this session. Drought conditions in western Kansas, coupled with new reports about how quickly the Ogalala aquifer is being drained, have created a new sense of urgency and a potential tipping point for policymakers. Overland Park Rep. Lindsay Vaughn is the top Democrat on the House Water Committee. She says legislators and farmer organizations need to come together to reach a meaningful compromise. "There are people from all parties across the state who recognize how important this is to every part of our lives and to our largest industries as well," Vaughn said. Members of the House Water Committee say the state must also find a way to enforce conservation goals to save the aquifer. In some parts of Kansas, this may require farmers and ranchers to reduce water use by up to 30%.


Animal shelters in Kansas City area ask for help due to overcrowding

KANSAS CITY, Kansas. (WDAF) - Four shelters in the Kansas City area say they are in crisis situations.WDAFTVreports that the Great Plains SPCA, KCK Animal Services, Melissa's Second Chances and the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City are at full capacity for large dogs. The organizations also say fewer people are adopting, leading to an influx of animals staying longer in shelters. The shelters say they have a total of 170 dogs over 30 pounds in their care and have received 430 requests from the public for large dog giveaways in the past two weeks. This has led rescue organizations to stop accepting large dogs voluntarily, meaning owners are giving up and being rehomed by other facilities. Many of the shelters also run special adoption drives. Shelter officials say ways to help with the overcrowding problem include fostering or adopting a large dog, taking found animals to be scanned for a microchip, making donations or volunteering.


An abortion clinic opens in Wichita, bringing the statewide total to six

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WICHITA, Kansas (KNS) – A new abortion clinic has opened in Wichita, bringing the state's total to six. The new facility, Aria Medical, will focus on out-of-state patients. The clinic offers abortion pills to women up to 11 weeks pregnant. It was opened in response to a surge in demand for abortions in Kansas after neighboring Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas effectively banned the procedure. The clinic covers the cost of medications, usually several hundred dollars, for patients traveling from states where abortion is prohibited. It is the second new clinic to open in Kansas since the United States Supreme Court ruled Roe v. Wade last January. The new clinic will open less than six months after Kansans voted to protect abortion rights and anti-abortion state legislators continued to try to restrict access.


Kansas Attorney General Advocates for Tougher Penalties for Distributing Fentanyl

TOPECA, Kan. (KNS) – Attorney General Kris Kobach plans to crack down on fentanyl in Kansas by creating new, tougher criminal laws for people who sell drugs laced with fentanyl. More than 500 Kansans have died from fentanyl overdoses since 2015. It is often combined with other drugs to produce a stronger high, but it is also deadly. Attorney General Kris Kobach says he will request new criminal guidelines for fentanyl distribution and give the Kansas Bureau of Investigation more focus on crimes. Fentanyl is not easily detected, but it can be detected with a test strip. These strips are currently illegal, though lawmakers tried to legalize them last year. Kobach says he needs more data to see if he supports legalization.


Kansas bill would change status for Uber drivers

TOPECA, Kan. (KNS) - Lawmakers in Topeka are debating a bill that would classify Uber and Lyft drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. The Kansas News Service reports that a bill was introduced on Uber's behalf in that session. A spokesman for the ride-sharing company said he already considers his drivers to be independent contractors and the law will only clarify that. The spokesperson says that Uber drivers provide their own vehicles and deliver their own fuel. They also do not have fixed work hours and can drive for other companies. A spokesman for the Teamsters union spoke out against the law. He says the bill would give Uber and Lyft a legal advantage over competitors like taxi companies. States like Florida and Michigan have recently passed laws using similar language. Some other states, like California, have taken steps to reclassify Uber and Lyft drivers as regular employees.


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The royal makes an official deal with veteran aide Chapman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Kansas City Royals signed Aroldis Chapman to a one-year, $3.75 million deal a week after agreeing to terms for the seven-time All-Star, who is enjoying a lackluster season. . New York Yankees. Chapman was once known for throwing 100 mph balls at hapless hitters. But the lefty, who turns 35 on the first day, went 4-4 in his final season with the Yankees with a 4.46 ERA, which resulted in his delisting for the AL Division Series when his actions raised questions about his involvement with The Team. Equipment.


AP Source: Royals reach agreement with Zack Greinke

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A person familiar with the deal says the royals and Zach Greinke have agreed to a contract for next season. That makes nine seasons in two seasons in Kansas City for the six-time All-Star pitcher. The person spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because Greinke, 39, has not yet had a physical. Financial terms of the deal, first reported by Kansas City Sports radio host Bob Fescoe, were not immediately available. Greinke received $13 million from the Royals last season. He spent the first seven seasons with them before returning last year and going 3-9 with a 3.68 ERA.


Current KC star Sam Mewis is unlikely to play for Team USA in the World Cup after surgery

Undated (AP) - United States soccer player Sam Mewis has undergone a second knee surgery and is unlikely to be available for this summer's Women's World Cup. Mewis underwent a first surgery on his right knee in August 2021. However, the injury required another operation last week. Mewis is also expected to miss the upcoming season of the Women's National Soccer League. She plays for the Kansas City Current.

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