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Amsterdam travel guide

Board a cheap flight to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and head to the land of tulips, windmills and red light attractionsDutchFans of this small but bustling European city in North Holland have much to enjoy, from the world-class museums to the colorful tulip fields in spring. Known as the "Venice of the North", this welcoming metropolis is built around a maze of picturesque canals dotted with pleasure boats, steamboats and houseboats serving as permanent residences.

The museum alone is worth the price of a flight to Amsterdam. Amsterdam has more museums per capita than any other European city, and Amsterdam is proud of its Rijksmuseum, home to city hero Rembrandt's Night Watch. The Rijksmuseum is located on Museum Square, or Museum Square, next to the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum, which is home to contemporary art and other famous cultural attractions. Musical performances in the Concertgebouw and concerts in Paradiso and Melkweg are also the inspiration for many Amsterdam flights.

If you're tired of the highbrow culture and want something a little more down-to-earth, there are plenty of other options in Amsterdam. Stroll to the bar in the nearby diving area and order a jenever for a unique Dutch experience. This Dutch jenever may be the favorite drink of older generations, but ordering it from the locals gives you a good feelingDelightful– freely translated as the embodiment of the comfort of Dutch culture. The appeal of this unique atmosphere is, at least in part, responsible for the city's popularity.

Naturally, the nighttime action in Amsterdam inspires many to book cheap flights to Amsterdam from nearby European countries and beyond. The infamous sights of the Red Light District will inspire even the most sophisticated tourist to check out. If your curiosity takes you to this old neighborhood of Amsterdam, don't worry about your safety. The many hotels and the families that live there make it a vibrant part of the city.

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With Ann Frank, gabled houses and canals from the Golden Age, Amsterdam is rich in history and culture. Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe, with a large year-round population. Students book plane tickets to Amsterdam and do their thing in smoke-free cafes, while business people attract customers after an important board meeting. Visit Amsterdam in spring and you'll see tulips blooming along the canals; summer is full of people enjoying the outdoors and winter, although cold, is the best time to book a cheap flight to Amsterdam.

Known by many as one of the best hospitality venues in the world, Amsterdam has something for every traveller. The city is an idyllic mix of old and new. 17th-century architecture goes hand in hand with students in their 20s and millennial tourists. Every year, millions of travelers book a trip to Amsterdam to attend the city's famous parties. But after frolicking in the red light district, visit some of Amsterdam's historic landmarks or relax and have a beer with the Dutch on one of Amsterdam's canalside terraces. Rest well on your trip to Amsterdam - whether you're visiting the Dutch city for business or pleasure, there's plenty to do and see. Here are some tips to help you plan and enjoy the smoothest trip possible.

Travel to the city of Amsterdam and its surroundings

The main airports serving the city areAmsterdam Schiphol Airport (MAS), about 10 miles southwest of the city. The airport has one terminal and three departure lounges. The city is easily accessible from the airport thanks to direct train and bus routes. Taxis and car rentals are also available.

Train service:The Dutch Railways run trains from the station just below Schiphol Airport. Travelers can buy a single-use chip card or public transport chip card at the yellow vending machines at stations and at Schiphol Plaza. A faster alternative to the usual domestic train routes is the direct intercity, also available from Schiphol.

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bus:Line 197 (also known as Airport Express) takes you every 15 minutes from the airport to the center of Amsterdam.

transport:The airport also offers a hotel shuttle service that departs directly outside the terminal (stand A7) and can take you to your hotel in Amsterdam.

Once you're settled in your hotel and ready to explore the city, it's easy to explore Amsterdam in just a few hours. You should be aware: cars have priority and bicycles, trams and buses all run through the city.

Amsterdam is also a very cycling city. Rent a bike to pick up the pace without cluttering the city. Cycle paths and bicycle parking are plentiful. Make sure your bike lights are working; driving without lights in the dark can result in a fine. To travel outside the city, you can easily take the train or bus. If you are traveling from Amsterdam, international trains to countries such as Belgium and France run at the station below the airport. You can also take a taxi or rent a car, because the Netherlands has an excellent motorway network.

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Tips for a stay in Amsterdam

  • Foreign Tourism Association, abbreviated as VVV (pronounced asfay-fay-fay), through the whole country. VVV Amsterdam offers information, brochures and maps, hotel and tour bookings and sells attraction passes at a discount.
  • You can purchase a day ticket for the canal bus, which will take you to Amsterdam's top attractions, with historical commentary along the way. If you're short on time or just want to visit museums for a day, the Museum Ship will take you to most museums and admission includes half-price entry.
  • The Museumplein and the Vondelpark are areas where you will find three major museums: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum andMunicipal Museum— as well as the Concertgebouw, countless restaurants, the most elegant shopping area in Amsterdam and the most famous parks. There are also small hotels that are much cheaper than those along the canals and in the city center.
  • De Hoge Veluwe National Park is the largest national park in the Netherlands. It has swamps, forests and sand dunes, as well as the Kröller-Müller Museum, world famous for its extensive collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh.
  • The Anne Frank House, the building where the Franks and two other families hid from the Nazis for two years, is exactly as it was when they left and closely resembles the description in Anne's diary. An adjacent building contains exhibits about the hideout's residents, including the original diary.
  • If you walk along the canals after dark, you will see that Amsterdam is in one of its most beautiful times. Many 17th-century houses are bathed in subtle lighting and bridges are decorated with lights.
  • The Jordaan is an up-and-coming area of ​​Amsterdam where artists and students still live, but where a growing number of trendy restaurants and boutiques can also be found.
  • A visit to the Heineken Brewery gives you more insight into the brewing process and some products can be purchased for a fee.
  • Amsterdam-Nodis, also known as the Williamsburg of Amsterdam, is where art projects, organic restaurants and department stores bring flavor to this forgotten neighborhood in the north.
  • The Royal Palace in Amsterdam is one of three palaces in the Netherlands. Its refined style and luxurious furnishings make it one of the city's most popular attractions.

Find flights from Amsterdam

From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you can fly throughout Europe, including London, Berlin, Milan, Madrid and Prague, but also the rest of the world. access best flight deals from Amsterdam. Airlines such as KLM and other European airlines offer flights.

Don't forget to arrive at the airport early to clear security and customs. The best way to get from your hotel to the airport is via the very reliable public transport system. If your hotel has an airport shuttle, this is the easiest option.

Once you've chosen your destination, be sure to check out ourAmsterdam Airport GuideGet more detailed travel information and useful tips.

Amsterdam Airport Overview, Netherlands

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), the busiest airport in the Netherlands and the fifth busiest in Europe, is one of the continent's most important aviation hubs. With its proximity to Amsterdam and excellent rail and road connections to the rest of the country (and Europe), it's easy to see why Schiphol has become so popular. Schiphol's excellent shopping, helpful staff and popular amenities will likely remain at the top of the list for years to come.


As Europe's most important aviation hub, travelers to and from Schiphol always have activities and shopping opportunities. Passengers shouldn't be intimidated by Schiphol's size, as it operates from an easy-to-navigate terminal centered around a shopping plaza with plenty of good shops and fun things to do.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the hub for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It is also the European hub for Delta Air Lines, as well as Air Amsterdam, Arkefly, Vueling, Transavia and Martinair. With so many airlines focused on Schiphol, finding a flight to Amsterdam is easy. Cheap flights to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport can be booked from budget airlines such as easyJet and bmi, which generally use the low-cost wing of the airport known as Terminal H.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a great airport for travelers. While it has all the amenities you would expect from a world-class airport, as well as many unexpected amenities and entertainment options, it still has a personal touch and a space quiet enough for even the most nervous traveler to relax.


What month is cheapest to fly to Amsterdam? ›

The cheapest month to fly to Amsterdam is usually October.

What time of year is cheapest to fly to the Netherlands? ›

High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is February. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest Netherlands flight deals.

What day is airfare the cheapest? ›

Average domestic airfare price by day
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly domestically.
  • Saturday and Monday flights can help you avoid the Sunday rush.
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest day to fly internationally.
  • Book one to three months in advance.
  • Set a price alert.
Apr 21, 2023

Which airlines are low cost in Netherlands? ›

Transavia is the largest low-cost airline in the Netherlands and has been serving leisure travellers for over 57 years now. The airline experienced a strong recovery and has been able to maintain its position as the most popular low-cost carrier in the Netherlands.

What month is best to see Amsterdam? ›

The best time to visit Amsterdam is between April and May or September and November – right before or directly after the summertime high tourist season.

How much money do you need per month in Amsterdam? ›

Summary of cost of living in Amsterdam, Netherlands: A family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,465.9$ (3,229.7€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 994.4$ (926.7€) without rent.

How much money should I bring to Amsterdam for 5 days? ›

The average daily budget for a trip to Amsterdam can vary depending on your travel style and preferences. However, a rough estimate for a budget traveler would be around €60-80 per day, while mid-range travelers can expect to spend around €100-150 per day.

What airlines fly direct to the Netherlands? ›

Delta, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Air Canada, Lufthansa, United and Austrian Airlines all fly non-stop to Netherlands.

How much money do I need to visit Netherlands? ›

Traveling to the Netherlands on mid-range budget costs around $152 per person, per day. A couple would spend $1,926 in one week. A solo traveler would spend $1,063 in one week.

How to get discounts on flights? ›

How to find the cheapest flights
  1. Check the cheapest days to fly out. ...
  2. Check which locations are on offer. ...
  3. Use flight price search engines. ...
  4. Book through travel agents for students. ...
  5. Last-minute deals aren't always cheaper so book early. ...
  6. Beware of extra costs on budget airlines. ...
  7. Go incognito when booking flights.
May 12, 2023

Do plane tickets get cheaper closer to the date? ›

Usually, no. The closer to the departure date, the more expensive the price. More seats tend to fill the closer to the departure date. As more tickets sell for any given flight, the demand increases creating a jump in ticket prices.

How far ahead should I book a flight? ›

How far in advance should you book domestic flights? We recommend booking domestic flights between 1–3 months in advance of your domestic trip (unless you're traveling during peak season or a popular holiday).

What is the cheapest airline right now? ›

Top 10 Cheapest Airlines
RankAirlineCost per Mile
1.Spirit Airlines$0.209
2.Frontier Airlines$0.225
3.Hawaiian Airlines$0.257
4. (T)Allegiant Air$0.322
6 more rows
May 2, 2023

Are direct flights cheaper? ›

If you are looking to save some money, a direct flight is the best choice for you. Direct flights are usually cheaper than non-stop flights, and depending on the route, passengers will have to disembark, go through airport security and board on the same aircraft.

Why aren t direct flights cheaper? ›

Why is this happening? It all goes back to supply and demand. Most travelers want to take the nonstop flight as it means getting there quicker and with less chance of disruption. That demand ultimately pushes prices higher.

How many days are enough for Amsterdam? ›

As a general rule, most travelers can plan on spending between 2-4 days in Amsterdam, depending on whether or not they take any day trips, and how long they plan to spend in the Netherlands overall.

Do they speak English in Amsterdam? ›

Language spoken in Amsterdam: English

Although it is not an official language, in Amsterdam - and in the Netherlands more generally - there are many Dutch people who speak English (90% of the population) at a level practically equal to that of a native speaker.

What month is the coldest in Amsterdam? ›

July is the hottest month in Amsterdam with an average temperature of 16°C (61°F) and the coldest is January at 2°C (36°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 7 in June. The wettest month is November with an average of 90mm of rain..

Do you tip in Amsterdam? ›

That's because, in the Netherlands, there is no social or written requirement to tip a restaurant worker. However, if you received good service or thoroughly enjoyed the food, it's customary to give a small tip — around 5-10% of the bill.

Do you need cash in Amsterdam? ›

Be sure to carry cash

In the Netherlands, credit cards are not the most commonly used method for payments. In daily life, the Dutch hardly use them. Instead, payments are often made with debit cards. Please make sure to bring cash and ask personnel in advance whether you can pay by credit card.

What is the best money to use in Amsterdam? ›

As in most European countries, the currency of the Netherlands is the Euro (symbolised as EUR or €). Other currencies are normally not accepted, so be sure to change dollars, etc. at one of the currency exchange offices located throughout the city.

Do they use cash or card in Amsterdam? ›

The Netherlands is a very modern country. You can pay with cash or a debit card, and often with your phone via NFC, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet. Not to mention the latest phenomenon, 'Tikkie', which is also being used more and more.

What food is Amsterdam known for? ›

Don't go home without trying at least one of these traditional Dutch foods.
  • Bitterballen. Image from Creative bros. ...
  • Stroopwafels. Image from Marie-Charlotte Pezé ...
  • Thick Dutch fries. Image from Koen Smilde. ...
  • Dutch pancakes. ...
  • Jenever. ...
  • Apple pie. ...
  • Raw herring. ...
  • Kibbeling.
Sep 12, 2022

How much cash can you fly with to Amsterdam? ›

If you are travelling to the Netherlands from outside the EU with € 10,000 or more in cash, you need to declare it.

Where is the best place to fly into Amsterdam? ›

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is by far the largest airport in the Netherlands and is also one of the largest in the world. It handles tens of millions of passengers every year and services Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole. For flights to Amsterdam, there simply is no better option than flying into Schiphol.

What airport flies direct to Amsterdam? ›

If you're near London Luton airport or close to Heathrow, both provide direct flights to Amsterdam. As do Bristol, Southampton, London City and Leeds Bradford. Exeter, Edinburgh and London Stansted also offer flights direct to Amsterdam. Fly from Norwich, Newcastle or Liverpool.

What is the most popular airline in the Netherlands? ›

KLM has held first place while EasyJet climbed up the rank to second resulting Transavia dropping to third. TUI fly and Delta Air Lines have also swapped places compared to 2021 placing Delta Airlines at fourth and TUI fly at fifth.

How long can an American visit the Netherlands? ›

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, you may need a residence permit. In many cases you will also have to apply for a long-stay visa before you travel to the Netherlands. This visa is also called an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV).

What is the best time to visit Netherlands? ›

Best Time to Visit the Netherlands

The best time weather-wise is from mid-April to mid-October. July and August are the peak months for visitors. The weather overall is never severely cold or hot as the temperatures are influenced by the North Sea (the Netherlands has a maritime climate).

How much does food cost per day in the Netherlands? ›

Tips to save costs in the Netherlands
Food and Groceries€150-170
Mobile Phone, Internet and Television€20-50
May 5, 2023

How do I get 50% discount on flights? ›

Go mobile! Flat 50% Cashback
  1. FLAT 50% eCash on domestic flight bookings through Mobile app (Androis & iOS)
  2. This offer is valid on domestic flight bookings made through Mobile app only.
  3. Use code APP50 on the payment page for availing the offer.
  4. No minimum booking amount required for the booking.

How to get cheap flights asap? ›

How to book last minute cheap flights?
  1. Flexibility is the key to getting cheap last minute flights. ...
  2. Be flexible with your departure and return dates.
  3. Look out for flash sales.
  4. Be open to travel in the middle of the week.
  5. Use flight comparison sites.
  6. Set up price alerts.
  7. Be willing to travel really late or really early.

Do seat upgrades get cheaper closer to flight? ›

Airlines may sell upgrades at a discount when you check-in, either online or at the airport. The closer to the flight departing, the less likely the airline is to sell a cash fare in the upgraded cabin. Thus, they may be open to the idea of offering it to an existing passenger for a discounted price.

What month is the cheapest to fly? ›

Winter is the bargain season to travel, and you can also wait longer to purchase your airline tickets than in any other season. If you like, in the winter months you can wait up to 26 days before departure to get a good flight deal. The spring and fall shoulder seasons offer the next lowest prices for travelers.

How far in advance should I book an international flight in 2023? ›

Time your booking right

“For international flights — [it's] four to 10 months.” If you're traveling during an off-peak season, you're going to want to look at airfares one to three months in advance for domestic flights, and two to eight months ahead of the flight for international trips.

Do plane ticket prices go down at night? ›

What Is the Best Day of the Week to Book Airline Tickets? You may have heard that there is a cheap window of time during the week to book your airline tickets. According to, that's a myth. The day and time of the week have no impact on ticket prices.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday? ›

But it's not about when you buy airline tickets: It's more about when you actually get on the plane. That means flying on off-peak days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are often much cheaper days to fly. Shifting your departure and return dates by just a day or two can save you hundreds of dollars.

How far out to book international flights for best price? ›

The best time to book a flight is generally one to two months out for domestic trips. For international flights, book six to eight months out for the best deals. However, there are many factors that can lead to an increase (or decrease) in the price of an airline ticket.

What is the cheapest country to fly to from the United States? ›

Generally speaking, flying from the USA to the Caribbean or Central America is the cheapest because those areas are close by. Europe is cheap to fly to from the east coast USA, and Asia is cheap to fly to from the west coast USA.

Do I have to pick up my luggage on a connecting international flight? ›

If you checked a bag, you'll have to collect it from baggage claim from the international flight. You'll need to clear customs and immigration. Next, you'll recheck your luggage for the domestic flight. Finally, you'll need to go through Transportation Security Administration screening.

Are you less likely to lose luggage on a direct flight? ›

Ideally, you want direct, non-stop flights if you want to avoid your luggage getting lost at the connections. The longer the time between flights, the less chance your luggage will get left off the next plane during the changeover.

Why are Tuesday flights so cheap? ›

One of the reasons that Tuesday is the cheapest weekday to buy flights is that major airlines release their seats on different days and at different times of the year. This means you may find a better deal booking flights for a specific time or month.

What does 2 stop flight mean? ›

A 2-stop flight means you can fly to multiple cities all in one booking and spend as much time as you desire in each city before moving on to the next!

What is hidden city ticketing? ›

Hidden city ticketing is when you buy a ticket with the intention of leaving the plane at a stopover, rather than the final destination. These types of journeys have the potential to save you a lot of money in comparison to a non-stop flight.

Do flight prices go up the more you search? ›

When searching for a great travel deal, it's best to search both logged in and anonymously to compare all the deals, because it can make a difference — but not a significant difference. Flight prices can vary based on the day and time at which you perform your search.

What is low season in Amsterdam? ›

However, months from November through mid-December and mid-January through February are the so called low season in Amsterdam. Grey and gloomy skies, cold snowy weather and spurts of rain are characteristic of winters in Amsterdam, not the most attractive weather to be up and about.

Which month has the cheapest flights? ›

They are early Dec, Jan (after Jan 7th), Spring (excluding Spring Break weeks in Mar/Apr), and Fall.

In which month international flights are cheapest? ›

The Cheapest Time to Fly Internationally is from February-March. Granted this one's a bit of a misnomer, because yearly price trends on international flights are typically dictated primarily by the high and low seasons of the destination abroad.

What time of year is least expensive to fly to Europe? ›

The late fall and winter months—from mid to late October through mid-to-late March—are often the cheapest time to fly to Europe (though fares can spike in December). It's often cheaper to fly to Europe mid-week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in particular.

What month is rainy in Amsterdam? ›

There is a good chance of rain in Amsterdam between September and November, with an average of around 80 mm each month. Humidity levels are at their highest in October and November, with an average of 88 %.

How many days do you need in Amsterdam? ›

As a general rule, most travelers can plan on spending between 2-4 days in Amsterdam, depending on whether or not they take any day trips, and how long they plan to spend in the Netherlands overall.

Is it worth it to go to Amsterdam? ›

Amsterdam is worth visiting for its pulsating nightlife, infamous coffeeshops, and picturesque canals. Activity-seekers will love its bike-friendly atmosphere, culture geeks – the Rijksmuseum, adventure fans – the red-light districts, and architecture enthusiasts – the city's crooked houses.

What is the cheapest airline? ›

The Cheapest Airlines to Fly
  • Southwest. Southwest is one of the most popular low-cost carriers in the United States. ...
  • Spirit. Spirit Airlines is a go-to carrier for anyone who wants to travel on a budget. ...
  • JetBlue. ...
  • Allegiant Air. ...
  • Alaska Airlines. ...
  • Hawaiian Airlines. ...
  • United Airlines. ...
  • American Airlines.
Jan 31, 2023

How far in advance is it cheapest to book international flights? ›

How far in advance should you book a flight to get the best deal? The best time to book a flight is one to three months before your departure for domestic airline tickets and two to eight months prior for international flights, according to Scott's Cheap Flights. “We call these the 'Goldilocks windows,'” says Keyes.

Do international flights ever get cheaper? ›

The time of year plays a big role in cheap international airfare. A trip to Europe in the peak summer will almost always cost a small fortune, as airlines know demand is high. If you're hoping to save more on flights, try to avoid a big international trip from mid-June through August.

Is it better to fly to Europe at night or in the morning? ›

The best time to fly to Europe

If you want to avoid jet lag as much as possible, try to find a flight that arrives in Europe in the mid-afternoon or evening. This means leaving North America in the early morning.

Where in Europe is the cheapest place to fly into? ›

The Cheapest Airports to Fly Into in Europe
  • Dublin Airport (DUB), Ireland.
  • Rome–Fiumicino International Airport (FCO), Italy.
  • Barcelona El-Prat Airport (BCN), Spain.
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), the Netherlands.
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), France.
Feb 14, 2023

Is it cheaper to fly in and out of the same airport in Europe? ›

If you're looking to visit Europe from a secondary airport like in Louisville, KY, you may have to connect somewhere and pay a little more. The price of a roundtrip fare may be different, but generally, the cheapest destinations to fly to in Europe should remain the same, regardless of where you're flying from.


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