Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (2023)

Did you know you can borrow a dog from the Humane Society in Kauai, Hawaii?

My friendAmit Guptatold me about the fantasticRefúgio Dogs in Program Excursions🇧🇷 Both locals and tourists can now take dogs for a walk or walk around the city.

WhatKauai Humane Societypromoted this outreach and volunteering work.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (1)

We saw this on a hot Thursday morning in February 2019.

table of contents disguise

1 My experience of renting a dog

2 Choosing a dog

(Video) Tik Tok helped a Hawaii shelter dog find his furever home

3 dogs adventures

4. Conclusion

5 program information

6 rules for renting a dog

7 tips when you go:

My experience of renting a dog

Fun fact: About four times a month, the Field Trips program results in successful adoption.

Tip #1: Arrive early

The shelter allows dogs for walks on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm.

Our plan was to arrive a few minutes early. We thought that if we arrived five minutes early, we could pick any dog ​​we wanted.

(Video) Hawaiian Humane Society

Incorrect!By 10:55, there was already a queue of at least a dozen other people. Everyone expected to take a dog from the shelter for the day.

Pro Tip: Arrive at 10:40am

That should get you a dog and less waiting time.

Tip #2: Explore Zwinger and quickly pick your favorite

At 11am we were told by a member of staff that there were only eight dogs available.

Amit and I looked at each other scared and sad: Would we be lucky to have a dog?

Some dogs could not be removed because they had recent surgery, were still being socialized, or were too young.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (2)

As we counted our place in line, it didn't look like today was going to be our lucky day. We were sad.

choose a dog

After a briefing by SPCA staff, everyone enters the kennel.

The first thing you notice is the sounds of lots of barking. The dogs were very excited.

Visitors are also excited. Who shows up at 11am. is "competing" for a dog.

Dogs that were available for a walk had a colored tag on their own plate. We count about eight dogs to borrow for the day.

Dogs suitable for excursions are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. With only a few dogs available for excursions each day, there is some pressure to secure your spot.

When we entered the kennel there were no more dogs to take. Everyone was already standing in front of the desired dog.

we were in love Amit had been looking forward to this activity all month. It was sad to think that we wouldn't have the opportunity to volunteer and take a dog on an adventure.

(Video) Dogs to live in luxury during Maui Humane Society 'Wags to Riches' fundraiser

But wait!

Tip #3: Be friendly with other volunteers

Amit had spoken to a generous local who had already chosen a dog. Upon learning that we were visitors planning a day around this activity, he was kind enough to give us his previous spot according to the dog he had chosen.

Now we would have the opportunity to take a dog on an excursion. Live!

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (3)

Pro tip: make friends and be nice to other volunteers. You can see them at the end of the day on a hike like we did.

Then we'll put the dog in a play area to make sure he likes us (and the dog).

Tip #4: Be patient on the playground

Then they took us to a corral outside with lots of green grass. This is where we meet and interact with our dog.

The Kauai Humane Society says the goal of the next step is to bond with the dog before leaving the facility. It allows you to confirm that you like the dog, and the dog shows you that he is comfortable with you.

At first our dog was very excited to play with us. He ran across the room. He would jump and bark and perhaps "talk" to his friends in the nearby kennels.

Pro tip: let the dog release his energy first.

After a few minutes he calmed down and let us pet him.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (4)

It was a good fit. We felt comfortable with the dog and the dog felt comfortable with us. When the staff saw this, they told us to wait in the lobby and fill out the release papers and mandatory donation form.

Tip #5: Paperwork and Donation

This is what the form you need to fill out after choosing a dog and being admitted to the walk looks like.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (5)

Pro tip: bring a book or something to do while you wait.

It can take up to 20 minutes for your dog to be processed and delivered.

We then brought our dog along along with some useful gear for the day of the hike.

They gave us a backpack with essentials like a water bottle, water bowl, poop bags, dog treats, and emergency contact information.

(Video) TikTok helped a Hawaii shelter dog find his "furever" home

With all our supplies and a happy dog, we headed to the parking lot to begin our adventure.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (6)

Dogs cannot be off-leash at any time. Also in the car they need to be anchored to a hammock point like a headrest. This is for your safety so they don't run out when you open the door.

Tip #6: Choose your walk

Several suggested hikes are available for the Shelter Dogs on Field Trips program. Ask employees for suggestions.

Pro Tip: Know the Rules

For example: Do not take dogs to county beaches. For a complete list of rules, see the page atKauai Humane Society page: Shelter Dogs on Excursions.

dog adventures

We drove towards Shipwreck Beach, a very pleasant drive.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (7)

We pass by the beach but we don't take the dog to the beach. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (8)

Our dog was so happy to be outside! He used to be a stray, so he's not necessarily the friendliest dog on a leash. His collar often got tangled up around his legs. Otherwise it was a pleasure walking with him.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (9)

We were happy to be outside with a dog. Besides, I forgot how much work it takes to have a dog. I didn't even do most of the hike, I left it to Amit!

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (10)

After a few hours we decided it was time to go home. We went back to the Kauai Humane Society and returned our dog and bag of supplies. But not before we give our dog all the treats.


It was fun. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting or living on Kauai.

We have as much as the dog. It was a rewarding experience.

Borrow a dog in Hawaii from the Kauai Humane Society (11)

I love this program and wish other humane societies would allow it.

Do you know of any other programs where you can borrow a shelter dog for a day?Send me an email and let me know..

(Video) Kauai Humane Society Dogs for Adoption

program information

  • Dogs can be picked up Monday through Friday (except Wednesday) at 11am and Saturday and Sunday at 10am.
  • Dogs must be returned by 5pm. m. From Monday to Friday and at 3 pm. m. weekends of the same day.

For a complete list of information, see theKauai Humane Society page: Shelter Dogs on Excursions.

Rules for borrowing a dog

  • You must be at least 18 years old to rent a dog.
  • Disclaimer Requirement.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash without exception.

See a complete list of rules aboutKauai Humane Society page: Shelter Dogs on Excursions.

Advice if you are:

  • arrive early,around 10:40 am. When we arrived at 10:55 am on a Wednesday morning, there was a line of seven or eight other groups ahead of us.
  • Find your favorite dog quickly.
  • make friendsand be kind to volunteers. Maybe you'll see them later or need help like we did in the beginning! When we saw another group of volunteers on the walk, our dog freaked out and got really excited. He clearly recognized his other kennel mates.
  • Be patientso your dog can deplete its energy.
  • bring something to dowhile you wait for paperwork and processing.
  • Explore the different tours,or ask at reception for one that suits your needs.

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