Adopting an adult with special needs: is it possible? (2023)

Adopting an adult with special needs is a noble act, whether you are related to the person or just want to help someone in need. Find out here if it's possible...

In many countries,adopt an adultpeople with special needs is the best way to ensure that they are taken care of while they are alive. It also helps ensure they have access to your inheritance should something happen to you.

There are many advantages ofadult adoption, but it is not the only way to improve the lives of people with special needs.

In this post, we will discuss whether it is possible for someone in the UK to adopt an adult and what the benefits are. Next, we'll cover some alternatives.adopt an adultwith special needs so that you can contribute your grain of sand to those you love.

Is it possible to adopt an adult with special needs in the UK?

Unfortunately for those of you reading this article who want to adopt a relative or stranger with special needs,adopt an adultit is not possible in Great Britain.

Adult adoption is legal in many countries, including the US, Canada, Japan and Germany, but in the UK you can only adopt a child under the age of 18. This is something that many people don't realize until it's too late because it's not talked about much.

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It is an arbitrary system considering that a child aged 17 years and 364 days can be adopted, but a child who has just turned 18 cannot. There are a few reasons why you might want to do this.adopt an adultFamilies with special needs:

  • Maybe you want to or have already taken responsibility for another relative's son or daughter because you can't take care of them.
  • You were the stepparent of a child whose biological mother or father died or left the picture.
  • They really care about special needs adults who don't have families and want to adopt them into their own.

Whatever the reason, legally it's a shame.adopt an adultit is not possible in Great Britain. That said, there are things you can do to help someone with special needs, which we'll cover later in the next section.

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What are the advantages of adopting an adult with special needs?

Before discussing the alternativesadopt an adultwith special needs, we will briefly review the reasons why people would choose legal adoption as their preference.

Officially acknowledge your relationship

adopt an adultOfficially acknowledge them as your legal parents. This means that he has the satisfaction of knowing that he is his father according to the law. This gives you "parental responsibility" to make decisions about your care.

This is especially important for people with special needs, as they need someone to care for them who can make informed and loving decisions about the best care for them.

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Disconnect from your birth parents

There are cases where the biological parent of the special needs adult has a history of abuse or of not acting in the best interests of their child. If you don't legally adopt the adult, the biological parents can invoke their legal "parental responsibilities" to keep you away from the adult and decide what care they receive and do not receive.

For theadult adoption, can prevent the biological parents from taking them away and causing even more harm. There is also an emotional benefit as by adopting them you can welcome them into your 'new family' where you can ensure they feel loved and supported.

become an heir

Not all people make a will, especially if they don't expect to leave this world anytime soon. In this case,adopt an adultwith special needs means they have the right to inherit from you, regardless of whether you have a will.

If you die without a will, an unadopted adult will not be entitled to an inheritance from you. This could mean that after you die, they may struggle to pay for care.

changing his name

Adopting an adult means you have an adoption certificate that replaces your birth certificate. If you change the adult's last name to your last name on the adoption certificate, it will be legally accepted as the new name.

In a world where people might wonder why their son or daughter's name doesn't match their own, it's nice not to have to explain yourself. So that everyone can accept from the beginning that their child is their child.

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How to care for an adult with special needs without adopting

Now that all of the above benefits have been considered, there is nothing to stop you from taking care of an adult like your child just as you would as a legal parent. In fact, you can still legally change the adopted adult's name, write a will to pass on your inheritance, and enforce the case that your biological parents cannot care for you.

The one thing you can't do withoutadopt an adultit is legally binding “parental care”. That said, there are other ways you can be responsible for them. You may:

  • Making decisions about their care, discussing with them and organizing everything they need to live a full and happy life;
  • Invite them to live in your home and join your family without legal recognition;
  • Help them find work if you can;
  • Involve them in local community or recreational activities;
  • Take care of them like you would take care of your own child.

Shared Life Program.

For those of you who don't have an adult in mind and just want toadopt an adult with special needsout of the goodness of your heart, could you apply for acommon life scheme🇧🇷 These systems need caregivers who can accommodate an adult with special needs in their home, as well as care for a child.

The adults you care for need support to become part of a real family, so they can leave home or be cared for by a support team.

Just like caring for a child, the Living Together scheme will match you with an adult based on how comfortable you are with each other and whether you have similar interests. That way, you can build a bond right from the start.

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This adult with special needs would typically fit one of the following characteristics or scenarios:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Qualify for social services.
  • They cannot live with their own families and must live as part of a family to fit in with the community.
  • They would like to stay in their own home, but they need support to lead a normal life.
  • Do you have a family of your own or a caregiver who needs a break to recover and take better care of you afterwards?
  • Do you have a caregiver who needs rest or is sick?

Each person you care for needs a different level of help. Some need advice and guidance, others need help with personal hygiene, washing, cooking or managing their money. You can also help the adult you care for:

  • take you on dates
  • Take them to any recreational activity or stage they are involved in.
  • Take them with you on trips and vacations.
  • Get them involved in your local community.
  • Taking care of them and making sure they are up to date on their medications.

If the scheme isn't enticing enough, they are paid £350 to £450 a week to look after them, which could go a long way.

Will UK adult adoption laws change?

In this post, we discuss whetheradopt an adultpossible, why anyone would want to do that, and how to care for a special needs adult without adopting.

It's hard to see that once a child turns 18 in the UK they can no longer be adopted. There are some movements andrequests fromtrying to change adult adoption laws.

However, since it affects so few people, they haven't been able to do much. Hopefully this issue will shed more light in the future and the UK government will reconsider the law.adopt an adult, But only time will tell.

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Thanks for reading and we wish you the best of luck caring for your loved one or other adult with special needs.


Can you adopt if you're autistic? ›

California's adoption laws do not limit people with disabilities from being able to achieve their dreams of being a parent.

Can a US citizen adopt someone over 18? ›

An adult adoption may occur once the potential adoptee reaches the age of 18 or older. At that time, the only consent required is that of the adult wishing to be adopted and, of course, the person willing to adopt.

Can you be a foster parent if you are autistic? ›

Agencies can't stop you from adopting or fostering just because you have a disability. You are allowed to use programs and services that other people in your situation can use.

Can my stepparent adopt me if I'm over 18? ›

Once the child reaches age 18, adoption no longer requires the biological father's consent. Additionally, if a stepparent is interested in formalizing a parent-child relationship or avoiding inheritance issues, they may choose to adopt an adult child of their spouse.

Does mental illness stop you from adopting? ›

Can you adopt if you've suffered from mental health issues? If you have experienced or are currently experiencing a mental health problem you would not automatically be ruled out as an adopter. An agency would need to carefully consider all the factors around the condition before making a decision.

Can you adopt if you have mental health issues? ›

Yes, you can! Having a disability does not prevent you from becoming an adoptive parent, as long as you can meet the needs of the children waiting to be adopted. Can I adopt if I have a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety?

What is the age limit for adoption in the US? ›

What are the age requirements to adopt in California? In the state of California, you must be at least 10 years older than the adoptive child. California has no specific age limit.

What is the adoptee citizenship act of 2022? ›

This law grants automatic citizenship to all foreign-born children brought to the United States under the age of 18 and have at least one parent who is a U.S. Citizen. It applied to all future adoptees as well as those under the age of 18 who were adopted prior to the CCA's effective date.

Can a 24 year old be adopted in USA? ›

Adoption is the same legal process whether the individual is a child or an adult. The court issues a new birth certificate for the adopted individual and any existing legal relationships with biological or custodial parents are severed.

How much do foster parents get paid per child? ›

Every foster parent will receive a specific amount of money per child. This varies by state, the number of foster children and the ages of foster children. The average is between $20 and $25 per day, or between $600 and $750 a month.

Can you foster If you have a special needs child? ›

You can still foster even if your own child has a disability. It's about careful consideration of the impact of fostering on your child. As a parent of a disabled child, you would have invaluable skills and experience to bring to the role.

What will disqualify you from adopting a child? ›

If you or a member or your household have a criminal conviction or caution for offences against children or for serious sexual offences you will not be able to adopt.

Can I adopt my 30 year old step daughter? ›

In order to be eligible for 'step-parent adoption' the child in question must be under 18 when the application is made (and cannot be over 19 when the order itself is granted). Sadly this rules out the possibility that a step-parent can adopt their adult step-child.

Can my step dad adopt me without my dads permission? ›

By giving their consent, the noncustodial parent relinquishes all rights and responsibilities, including child support. In addition, in nearly all States, an older child must consent to being adopted by their stepparent.

How much does it cost for my stepdad to adopt me? ›

Keep in mind, though, that even though the lawyer is court-appointed, there may be a fee involved. If you choose to hire a private attorney, the costs may vary substantially. Overall, the cost of stepchild adoption can vary state to state and ranges from $700-$3,500.

What issues do adopted adults face? ›

Problems with developing an identity. Reduced self-esteem and self-confidence. Increased risk of substance abuse. Higher rates of mental health disorders, such as depression and PTSD.

Do you get credit checked for adoption? ›

Some adoption agencies may check your credit score as part of the home study, but federal law does not require it. Even if the agency doesn't check your credit, however, your credit score could be a factor if you plan to apply for a loan to help pay for the cost of adoption.

What trauma is caused by adoption? ›

Some people who have experienced adoption may experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This mental health condition causes stress hormones to rise, which may prompt the body to stay stuck in fight-or-flight mode. In young children or infants, developmental trauma can occur as a result.

Who Cannot give adoption? ›

(1) No person except the father or mother or the guardian of a child shall have the capacity to give the child in adoption.

What health issues prevent adoption? ›

Certain medical or psychological conditions can also negatively affect the status of an adoption application. Conditions that reflect negatively on an applicant include chronic conditions such as diabetes or AIDS, or life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

Can schizophrenics adopt? ›

For those with mental illnesses, you will generally need a letter from the physician or the mental health practitioner who helps you, stating that you are fit to parent. The same goes for physical illnesses or disabilities.

What age is too late for adoption? ›

There is no “deadline” to place your baby for adoption. It is never too early or too late to do what you think is best for yourself and your child, and there is no right or wrong time to start considering your options.

Where is adoption needed most? ›

Here are the top five international adoption countries of 2021.
  • South Korea. One of the countries with the longest history of intercountry adoption, South Korea has been a sending country since international adoption began in 1955. ...
  • Colombia. ...
  • India. ...
  • Haiti. ...
  • Bulgaria.
Jan 29, 2022

How long does the adoption process take in the US? ›

Adopting a foster child can take 6 to 18 months. Adopting a newborn can take 2 to 7 years. International adoptions can take six or more years. Being flexible in your requirements for a child can decrease the time required.

What is the loophole in the Adoptee Citizenship Act? ›

Over 20 years ago, Congress passed the Child Citizenship Act, a law with a life-altering loophole: The law granted citizenship to thousands of adoptees, but only to those who turned 18 before the law was passed. Any intercountry adoptee who had already turned 18 was not granted citizenship.

What is the U.S. citizenship loophole? ›

Through a loophole in the 2000 Child Citizenship Act, tens of thousands of intercountry adoptees in the U.S. do not have citizenship. Through no fault of their own, these now adults were brought to the U.S. as infants and children.

Can you get citizenship through adoption? ›

The Child Citizenship Act of 2000, effective February 27, 2001 grants an adopted child, immigrating to the United States, "automatic" citizenship. The parent may apply for proof that the child is a U.S. citizen.

What happens to adults adopting adults? ›

14. The show was canceled due to low ratings, Variety reports. Adults Adopting Adults followed six pairs who were pursuing adult adoption in order to add a new family member to their households.

Can an adopted child keep their last name? ›

You can keep the first name and change middle and last names. Or, you can change the full name. As the parents of this child, the decision is yours to make. One of the first major decisions you will be responsible for in this child's life.

Can I adopt my nephew and bring him to us? ›

Yes, you will need a primary provider. Prospective adoptive parents pursuing an intercountry adoption (a Convention or orphan adoption), including the adoption of a child relative, must work with an adoption service provider who is able to ensure that all adoption services have been provided.

Can you foster and work full time? ›

Fact! You can foster and still work. It can be viewed as an advantage, although it is not a necessity, if you have previous experience of caring for, or working with children. This will put you in good stead for tackling any issues that may arise with the child placed in your care.

How much do foster parents get a week? ›

The total payment can be dependent on age and level of care, however is a minimum average £450 a week per child placed rising to £1000 for specialist placements like Mother and Baby.

Can foster parents get help with a car? ›

Agency Criteria

Vehicle Grants can be provided if all fostered children cannot be transported together in a carers vehicle. A Grant can also be provided by the Local Authority who places a child requiring a specialised vehicle.

Do you get paid more for fostering a disabled child? ›

Although there is a fostering allowance available to carers of children with disabilities, not all children have a sufficient level of disability to qualify for the extra allowance. Social workers need to be aware therefore, that there is state help available for children with additional needs.

What is the difference between special guardianship and fostering? ›

Foster carers don't have legal guardianship over foster children, but they can apply for a Special Guardianship Order (SGO) in some cases. An SGO grants an individual legal responsibility for a child until they're 18 years old.

How much tax does a foster carer pay? ›

Foster parents are usually exempt from paying tax on their income from fostering due to a specialist tax rule known as 'qualifying care relief'.

Do most adoptions fail? ›

It can take anything from six months to two years to adopt a child, but not all new relationships are successful. National statistics do not exist, but it is estimated that between 3.2% and 9% of adoptions fail, with the child either being taken back into care, or leaving the family home.

Do you get benefits for having an autistic child? ›

Yes, autism is considered a disability that is eligible for benefits, providing the correct requirements are met. The SSA's Blue Book covers what conditions children with ASD must have to qualify for benefits. To be eligible for SSI benefits, children with autism must have: Deficits in social interaction.

Will I have an autistic child if I am autistic? ›

If someone in your family has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you may be more likely to have a child with ASD. ASD can look very different from person to person, so taking a careful family health history can be important for early diagnosis.

What are you entitled to if your child has autism? ›

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for children with special needs. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is known as the only source of federal income and is a form of social security benefit. It can be a lifeline for a family with an autistic child, and it can help keep them afloat.

Can people with autism have a support animal? ›

Autism assistance dogs are trained to provide safety and companionship, helping to bring independence and a more socially inclusive life to both the child and their family. They have been shown to: Reduce stress for family members.


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