14 ways to get your new dog to trust, love and respect you (2023)

14 ways to get your new dog to trust, love and respect you (1)

1. Lower your scroll

“I've had my dog ​​for three whole days, but I don't love him and he doesn't love me. What am I doing wrong?" I can't tell you how many times I've heard that sentiment from discouraged puppy parents.

You are not doing anything wrong. That's how it's done.

Much has been made of the notion that dogs love unconditionally, rescued dogs are immensely grateful to their adopters, LIVE only to please their owners, etc. new house for dogs love party

It doesn't really work that way, at least not always. You have adopted a living being. They didn't go to the Unconditional Love store and pick up a box of Grateful Rescued Dog (New and improved with more respect and adoration!).

Relationships, with dogs or people, are something that develops over time. Building and cultivating an unbreakable bond is a matter of months and years, not days.

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2. Give him his own space

Being adopted, even by a wonderful person like you, is one of the most stressful things a dog will have to go through. Before you can do the nice things you want him to do, he needs to feel safe.

An easy way to do this is to give him his own space. Somewhere where you can just relax and process your new reality. Choose an area that is secluded but where you can still see activities in the house, such as a corner of the living room. Make the area comfortable and dog-proof. A crate is the best option for most dogs, but you can also use a dog bed or playpen. Add blankets and chew toys. When in your "room", please respect your space; do not allow your children or other pets to climb on it.

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3. Be your dog's protector

We often think about how dogs protect us. We watch Lassie save Timmy from yet another accident, face off against this intimidating-looking mix of shepherds to make would-be bad guys think twice, go to K9 military demonstrations in the park, and watch tough Belgian Malinois kill "criminal" game in a baggy bag Costume.

In all this, we sometimes forget that our dogs need our protection more than we need theirs, unless we want them to wear down their teeth on friends and family, which, as this Belgian Malinois has shown, are completely in place right. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

You are your dog's only advocate and defender. Defend Her As a brand-new dog owner, you will encounter many people who want to interact with your dog. If Lola loves people, fine. But if Lola is careful, it's okay to tell people not to touch each other.

One of the best things I ever did for my anxious dog Jonas was learning to literally stand between him and what scared him, especially those terrifying kids who wanted to grab his ears. Jonas always visibly relaxed when he did that. This simple gesture sends your dog a message loud and clear, "Don't worry. I can do this."

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4. Yes, youthey cancomfort your dog when he is scared

14 ways to get your new dog to trust, love and respect you (2)

There are many persistent, harmful, and confusing myths about dog behavior. One of the most persistent and confusing myths is the "rule" that you should never comfort a scared dog. Petting your dog when he is startled by a loud noise and crouching next to him only encourages him to fear loud noises.

This is not true. It's based on a misconception about how animals learn. You cannot reinforce emotions the same way you reinforce behavior.

If your dog is scared, you don't have to tell him to suck it up and get over it. You can calm him down.

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5. Learn what your dog likes and do more of it

As you get to know your dog, you'll start to discover the things that make him happy. Use these things to have fun together.

When I adopted my teenage Border Collie, Merlin, he was pretty neutral with me. He didn't like me, but we weren't friends yet. However, he was passionate about chasing Frisbees. That's all I wanted to do. So I played frisbee with him all the time. And I used frisbees as a reward for training. Merlin soon decided that I, the Frisbee thrower, was cool. We became inseparable friends and lived happily ever after.

Sometimes the things that make your dog happy don't make you happy.Is it over therehappy: digging the backyard,tease the cat, etc. You can still use these things, just get creative.

Make a sandbox for your excavator. Play tugboat, build a flirting pole or play frisbee with your cat catcher. With a little creativity, many annoying behavior problems will arise.the opposite of a problem.

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6. Listen to what your dog says

14 ways to get your new dog to trust, love and respect you (3)

People tend to get quite offended when their dogs tell them no.

But why? I mean, if you ask a human friend for something and she says no, do you take it as a personal insult and worry that she's trying to dominate you? Probably not, just find out why. Maybe it's not right. Maybe she's busy. Maybe she doesn't understand what you're asking. Maybe it's something that makes you uncomfortable.

Often, an anxious, overexcited dog will come out like this because no one ever has.I hearto him. If he refuses, his handler will move the leash or wave cookies in his face until he gives up. You have no control over what happens to you.

The next time your dog says, "No, I can't," find out why. Perhaps there is something about the situation that is frightening. Maybe it's not right. Maybe he didn't even hear you. When a dog is very distracted, his persistent calls or tugging on the leash can literally go unnoticed.

Or maybe he doesn't say "no" but just "wait a minute". Maybe he's been sniffing a really fascinating tree or playing with his canine friends and doesn't want to leave yet. If that's the case,train your dog🇧🇷 But don't be offended in the meantime. Instead, remind yourself that it's something you need to work on better and find a way to resolve the issue.Swindleryour dog.

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7. Let her sleep in her room.

At least until she settles down. This experience scares a dog, especially a puppy. Sleeping with your new family will calm her down and remind her that they really are a family.

8. Use positive training methods

Modern training methods are based on setting the dog up for success and showing him exactly how to behave, rather than continually correcting bad behavior. This makes training fun and not a chore. Your dog will learn that you are a trustworthy person who is worth listening to.

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9. Have fun and have fun

I understand the tendency to take dog training too seriously, especially if your new dog hassome nasty behavior problems🇧🇷 But do not need be like that. Drop something Spend some time with Fido if you're not worried about teaching him something. Play with your dog! Play with Toys - Keep a throwing toy handy for a quick game as a break between practices. And play without toys: challenge Fido to a game of tag or a fight. Play Training increases focus and enthusiasm and is the best way to create a strong bond between you and your dog. He will trust you and like you more.

10. Be present

Connection is not a one-way street. If you want your dog's respect and attention, you must give him yours. When working with your dog, give him 100% of your attention. Workouts aren't the time to be worrying about work or deciding what to have for dinner. Strive to be very, very present in the moment. Lola will sense when you're not really "there" with her, and consequently, she won't be there for you either.

11. Walk together

Instead of rushing him to relieve himself or his 30 minutes of exercise, take it easy. Explore WITH your dog. Make him stop and smell the flowers. Sometimes you lead the way, sometimes he leads the way. Hiking is an easy way to spend time together and develop warm and fuzzy feelings for each other.

12. Work together

14 ways to get your new dog to trust, love and respect you (4)

Participate in the ancient tradition ofWorking dog-human partnership🇧🇷 After you and Lola get to know each other a little, start a dog sport or hobby. Take an agility class, learn a freestyle routine, learn some frisbee dog tricks, train like a therapy dog ​​team.

13. Feed your dog

“Wow,” you say, “I had no idea you were supposed to FEED your dog! Thank God I read this article. What would I do without you 3 Lost Dogs?

Okay, first of all, I don't like sarcasm.

Second, I'm not talking about making sure your dog has a proper diet. I suggest feeding your dog be a more interactive activity than just throwing food into a bowl. After all, a dog's heart runs through its stomach. Don't miss this chance.

Do not feed him for free, that is, leave a bowl with food available for your dog to snack whenever he wants. You want him to learn that the food comes from you, not the magically filling bowl in the corner.

Use part of your food as a training reward. Let him win dinner. What you don't use for training should be taken with meals, preferably once, twice or three times a daypuzzle toy🇧🇷 After fifteen minutes, put away the leftovers.

Feed your dog by hand every now and then🇧🇷 Not full meals, but maybe a few handfuls before putting the bowl/puzzle down. Lola will learn that you are the food provider and will be less likely to develop food aggression.

14. Live great adventures

14 ways to get your new dog to trust, love and respect you (5)

Lassie and Timmy. Jake and Finn. Old Yeller and... whatever the child's name is. Admit it: these are the kinds of dog-human relationships you've always dreamed of.

So go walk your dog. Take him to doggie beach or the lake. Go on a picnic, camping or road trip. It doesn't have to be all about nature: go to a dog show in the park and make fun of the dogs' weird hairstyles. Take a walk through a pet show and collect all the free samples to use. Head to a drive-thru fast food joint and share a box of chicken nuggets. Be a spectator at an agility competition and say to each other, like, "pshh, we could TOTALLY do this if we wanted to."

Do things with your dog that aren't about training or fixing behavior problems, but about being together and creating crazy memories.

The end result is getting your dog to love you, trust you, and "respect" you so that your dog is someone you can trust and trust. Someone Fido can count on is there when he needs guidance or reassurance. It's all about having fun, having fun, and being someone your dog wants to be with.

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14 ways to get your new dog to trust, love and respect you (6)

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